Down to the Cork

I’ve been seeing a lot of rods getting bent, doubled over to the cork bent lately on the Truckee. These Truckee River fish pull hard. We were tearing them up on the dry dropper rigs, riding the gravy train until they bumped the flows up again. 750 cubes and above through the Hirsch and down below. Fish the mid sections of river, or through town if your not into the high water. Still though, get out there early, its like 85 degrees in the afternoons. 2:00 when the sun is it’s brightest it seems to shut down. Go back in the evening and excpect yellow stones, and caddis. I tried to stick some fish for a pilot fly fishing show yesterday afternoon, it was hot, and the river came up about 150 cfs. I didn’t do so well. I really let the team down. Some photos from some dudes that did stick fish the last few days.