The Storm Door is Open

We are beginning to see the Jet Stream move south over California and a first of Pacific storms are rolling in. On an average winter, Tahoe-Truckee gets a lot of snow. On average more snow than anywhere in the lower 48, except Mt. Baker Wa. We also get a lot of rain being so close to the Pacific. If you’re a fly angler on the Truckee River, snow good, rain bad, rain on top of snow, worse. If you come up and fish the Truckee this winter use the USGS stream flow charts. The Truckee blows out often. Last year was the exception. It clears quicker in Cali then in Nevada, and sometimes East of Reno the river will stay muddy for weeks on end. Basically, you’ll have windows to fish in. Some weeks will be good, others will be bad. We’ll see how the river holds up after these storms roll in. This week was good, it got warm and flows were stable. If you haven’t done any winter fishing, look for a winter clinic in January this next year. I’ll set you up with some winter skills to catch trouts. Eric from yesteday.