We’re Going to Get a Little Wet

It’s going to get wet. We have some strong Pacific storms that are hitting Nor Cal starting today into the weekend. Snow levels will be high which means rain for anything under around 7500-8500 feet. With all this rain the Truckee River should be pumping by this weekend and probably every other river in Nor Cal.  Good news is that the Truckee clears fairly quickly, at least on the Cali side, but it could take a week or more to come down to fishable flows. Look at the gauges. Right now it’s at 385 cfs in Hirschdale, and 430 cfs at Mogul in Nevada. I’m betting it will get up to at least 2000-3000 K, depending on how much rain we get. Hopefully the rain falls as snow, but the storms look warm. A good weather blog to check is Tahoe Weather Discussion. Been good on the river the last few days, balmy is the word. No matter what time of year the fishing is always good after a strong push of water comes through then clears. Some pics on the Truckee River the last few days.