Spring Fever Clinics 5/25-26-27th

Spring Fever Clinics are back coming this Memorial Day Weekend. Things will be a little different than last year. Last year we tried to cram everything into one clinic, this year, I’ll have multiple clinics. Three different clinics on three consecutive days. As always this won’t be the way your grandpa fished, but a newer progressive way to fish. Classes will be limited to four people and will be between 4-5 hours. These clinics are intended for anglers with some experience. Though you don’t have to be a pro, they aren’t for beginning fly fishers. Classes will be on the California side and the cost will be $200 per day. We will fish, but the emphasis will be on learning. These classes will go fast and unlike classes I’ve done in the past these will be a one-time deal; one weekend and not on consecutive weekends.  To reserve your spot, I’ll need half the deposit up front and the rest the day of. I will have rods to use, please let me know if you will need equipment when you reserve your spot. You can take one day out of the series or take all three. You will step up your game with these clinics.

Sat. 5/25 -Nymphing Clinic: This will be a clinic on nymphing strategies, flies, leader setup and rod choices. We will use single hand rods and switch rods. I will show you how to make your own leaders, nymph deep water with an indo, and high stick with and without indos. We will use things like tippet rings, swivels, and braided line. This class is a must if you want to step up your game and get into some big fish on this river. A 9 foot or longer 5-6 weight rod with floating line is recommended for this class.

Sun 5/26-Dry Dropper Clinic: This class will change the way you fish. Every year I get my biggest fish on this rig. The bank eaters. I will show you how to set up a few different dry dropper rigs with multiple droppers. I will show you casts to get power and properly turn it over and not tangle this rig. I will show you leader set up and flies and most importantly the type of water where I like to fish it. I like a fast 9 foot rod in either a 5 or 6 weight with floating line for this class.

Mon 5/27-Streamer Clinic: This class will be all about fishing and throwing a big chunk of bunny. We will use single handed rods and switch rods with tips and without. I will show you how to work and make your streamer come alive. I will also show you a few different lines to use on this river where limited back casting can be difficult. Streamers don’t always produce fish but when they do they can be big.  A switch rod with appropriate Skagit-Scandi type line is recommended. On the single hand front, a 9 foot 5-6-7 weight rod is recommended with floating and or sinking line. Either set up will do.