Truckee River Fishing Report 4/26/13


Spring has come a little earlier this year. It’s t-shirt weather in the greater Truckee-Tahoe-Reno area. Warm sunny blue bird days. The Truckee River is fishing very well for this time of year. The river should be blown, but the lack of snow pack has kept us fishing. Flows will yo -yo up and down. Afternoons until the early morning hours, you will see a big spike in flows. The river will come up, then back down again. Clarity isn’t much of an issue yet, but remember trout can see just fine in off colored water. For some folks the water may be to high from the Hirsch on down below through Nevada, but for others, you know this is a good time to hook big fish. March browns are out in full force through California and that seems to be the main bug on the menu now. Skwalas are still around and baetis too. In my river seines everything is in the samples and about to explode. Pmds, green drakes, golden stones, caddis, you name it, they’re there. Bug wise things are going to happen earlier this year than in years past. I’ve been mostly fishing the Cali side and having a blast, the sheer beauty of this river still blows me away. Nymphs, streamers, and dries will all grab fish this time of year. Attractors are huge, everyone has them, this is the time to fish them. Princes, hares ears, pmx’s, they will all get fish going. With the water coming up the streamer fishing will be very good. This weekend is the general season opener making the entire Truckee River open for your angling enjoyment. If you don’t want to fight the higher flows stay near town. That”s a whole hell of a lot of trout water to be open and believe me them trouts are everywhere. Some butta belly’s from this week.