Truckee River Fishing Report 5/23/13

I’ll give you guys a California side report this week because that’s where I’ve been fishing. I’m sure the Nevada side is fishing well, but I haven’t been on it in about ten days or so.  The booze parade of inner tubers will be out this weekend through Reno, if you go, go early, or go East of Reno. It’ll be a big weekend of Coors Light and beer bongs. Anyways, the middle river to the upper river sections along the ‘shire in Cali have been firing on all cylinders. The fishing and wading have been easy. I’ve had mostly first time fly fishers and a few group trips with Doug O this last week. My folks and Doug O’s all have got into them. March browns are still on the top of the menu, in fact we’ve had a few good dry fly days this week, always fun. Dry dropper rigs up through there are fun to fish and occasionally you get one to come up and munch the dry. Skwalas stones are still out so they are used to seeing some big bugs floating by. The lower sections through the Hirsch to state line have been fishing well too. Though the water is still about 200 cfs too high for most folks. If you’re steady on your feet and have some basic skills you should get into them down there. Same hatches as the upper river. It’s all going to get better if we have a solid week of warm weather. It got cold again at night, and the outlook, like the last few days, looks to be chilly. Warm weather should get the carpenter ant hatch going again along with the pmds. Green drakes should arrive shortly after. With the water as low as it is this spring, it may be a green drake year to remember. Of course carpet bombing the bottom with the above mentioned patterns will get them. Big drys and streamers will get them too. The fishing is going to be very good this summer as we will not be dealing with high flows.