On Landing Fish

We loose a lot of big fish here on the Truckee River. I think it rivals any river in the West for trophy fish. You may not catch many, but when you do. In the last week what we have lost in pounds could feed a small army. You cannot have the, “deer in headlights,” response with these big fish. You have to go down river with the fish so you are not battling the current and the fish at the same time. You need to use the right equipment too. I can get away with a 5wt, but for most folks, a 6wt is better. Your knots and tippet are important. I use 2x to 3x on basically all my rigs when nymphing. That’s heavy duty arsenal. Personally, I run braided line to a swivel than 2x to my top fly. We fish fast heavy water this time of year and fish do not have time to look at the size of your tippet. To have a fish break you off on that rig is pilot error. Dudes catch 100 pound Tarpon on 2x. You need good hooks too. My nymphs are tied only on Tiemco scud hooks, 2457, or Daiichi 1120. Big ones are tied on Daiichi 1760. Do not use a knot to secure your split shot. Of course you have to loose a few of those beasts before you get comfortable landing one. You have to make a choice when battling one. Do I loose this fish because of to much pressure, or do I let the fish run out in the current and loose it that way. I choose the first, and hammer those fish in with lots of rod pressure while trying to gain ground on the fish. If you cannot get down river for whatever reason to chase the fish, your chances are slim. It’s trial and error. The more you fish the better you get. In a way it’s half skill and half luck, I mean, the fish do have to cooperate a little.