Truckee River Fishing Report 8/3/13

We’ve had a huge shift in the weather over the last week here on the Truckee River in, Truckee-Reno-Tahoe. High’s in the 70’s in Truckee, 80’s in Reno, and overnight lows back in the 40’s in Truckee. We really needed some cooler weather to lower the water temps. Water temp is a nice 58 degrees here in Hirsch at start time. I’ve had to put on my waders and the sweatshirt on in the a.m. on the Cali side. It’s now cold and windy down in the canyons in the mornings round these parts. Bring a pair of waders and a jacket, wet wade after it warms up. Hopefully, it’s not short lived and we have a nice cool August, as July wrecked me. Fishing wise, fish are still in their general summertime mode. Trout this time of year like to live in fast oxygenated water. They like to chow down on crayfish and nocturnal stones in the mornings to early afternoon. Dry fly fishing isn’t all that awesome this time of year, but a well placed hopper or big golden stone can bring a few up. We still have caddis and pmds though they are not as significant as say a month ago, though when I turn on the porch light at night there are millions, makes you think.. The G-6 still works, pearl has been the best for me lately. It really is crayfish time. There’s a lot of great patterns out there, most of them are very realistic, some work better than others, but sometimes a rust, or olive bugger outfishes them all. I have my Baby Dady that works great, and I also use Doug O’s Stonedaddy. Mines better, but Doug’s ain’t to shabby. Streamers work good this time of year too, buggers, sculpins, and smallish baithfish patterns. Crays at times will work when fished like a streamer. August can be the dog days for lots of folks, but if you can read the water and know where to look, August can be a kick ass month.