Truckee River Fishing Report 8/12/13

We are experiencing a mild cool August type of weather pattern here in Truckee-Reno-Tahoe area on the Truckee River. That’s good news for our finned freinds, as water temps have lowered consididerably since July. Trout are chowing down mainly on crays right now. Crays are good fished dead drifted, or stripped like a streamer. Our nocturnal stone hatch that we get has seemed to petter out as well as most other bugs, caddis, mayflys, etc. Late summer their is always less available food and haches are wanning down and won’t pick up again until fall. In Californina bring the waders as it has been in the upper 30’s most mornings in the Hirsch. In Nevada bring a garbage bag. Thanks all you assholes that use the river and don’t pick up after yourselves. I’d like to also note that the same runs are being hammered down there by the same people EVERYDAY, give it a rest man, spread out and try something new. Challenge yourself and try fishing some different water, or take off the nymph rig and throw some streamers or something. Flows are awesome, weather is good, the kids are going back to school, get up and get yourself some. Got some for myself today on the baby daddy.