Truckee River Fishing Report 9/17/13

The Truckee River is continuing to fish very well in both states, California and Nevada. Feels a little like fall in Cali, and still like late summer in Nevada. The seasons are changing though. The cottonwoods and aspens have a little gold in them, and here in my neighborhood the sounds of chainsaws and wood splitters can keep a man from a good nap in the afternoon. Summer does seem a thing of the past. Crawfish, stones, baetis, some caddis, along with october caddis on the menu. Hoppers are still aloft in the air, and the streamer crew should have sculpins, crays, and small baitfish in the box. Fish are still in the fast water, but should move in some softer stuff soon. High stick’n, or indo fishing is the method of choice. Flows are still very good, and they should stay good through late fall. Once they turn the valve off on Lake Tahoe, which will be soon, the upper river will be very low. Remember, they still have to empty Boca, and Donner Lake. While the upper river will be skinny the lower river will be good. Brown trout will be very stoked to have some good flows to spawn in.