Truckee River Fishing Report 10/1/13

Fall is most definitely here in the Truckee-Reno-Tahoe area on the Truckee River, and fishing the last few weeks have been downright good on both sides of the border.  I’ve been really stoked this year as the last few Sept-Octobers have been very warm. If you fish anywhere near the Hirsch bring a jacket and be prepared for cold mornings. The dawn patrol thing is no need now. Wait till the suns warms things up and the bugs start pop’n. We have what’s left of a pmd hatch, some October caddis, mohaganny duns, and baetis. Baeits trumps them all in the fall, nymphs, emergers, and dries should be in your box. Crayfish and small bait fish are present. Nymphing, or stripping them are good. Streamer fishing at times can be very productive on the Truckee in the fall. Bring your favorite piece of bunny hide and have at it. We’ve been still high stick’n mostly, and have turned and landed some nice fall butta bellies.