Truckee River Fishing Report 2-4-14

The outlook is good for the Truckee River in the greater Truckee-Tahoe-Reno area. We were in dire straights last week, we got some rain/snow, the river actually got blown out it, came down, and the fishing has remained good. The storm door is open. We are to get more rain/snow this weekend. That is about the best news we can have. It feels more like winter again here too. Highs struggling to get out of the mid 30′s in Truckee, and low 40′s in Reno. Cold at night in the teens. I can actually give a real winter fishing report for a change. When we get a good winter storm this time of year the river has a tendency to blow out, or rise substantially, especially if it’s a warm storm and most of the precip falls as rain. That’s ok. Wait a few days, the river will come down and fishing will be good. That’s the kind of winter pattern the river typically falls into. Some weeks she’s blown and muddy, and sometimes it just takes a few days to clear. When you can get out after storms on a dropping-clearing river, the fishing is awesome, much like a steelhead river. Of course none of this matters if all the precip falls as snow. Take a look at the USGS flows this week and into the weekend, and get ready for some good fishing next week on the Truckee.