Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 3/2/14

Fishing at Pyramid Lake Nevada

Doug O and I had a great clinic yesterday at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. For all but one it was their first time out at the lake. I think it trips people out a little at first, mostly because they’re surprised of its beauty, but mainly its sheer vastness. Pyramid did not disappoint. Pretty much everyone hooked or caught a Lahontan Cutthroat. We learned some different set-ups, taught some folks to double haul, fished with some switch rods, and learned some different retrieves. Luckily there was some wind and some cloud cover and it pushed the fish up closer to the beaches. Wind is your friend at Pyramid. We are getting closer to spring. Spring is spawning time for big red. Fish will cruise close in tight to the beaches in preparation for the spring spawn. We have some open spots on March 22nd if you’d like to attend and learn a little more about Pyramid Lake.