Truckee River Fishing Report 3/24/14

Fly Fishing The Truckee River

Big changes in the weather this week with a return of winter to the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area on the Truckee River. Looks like we’ll get a pretty good snow event tonight into Thursday. Snow will fall high, but we will take anything we can get here in Tahoe, and what we might get looks pretty impressive. Depending on how much rain spills over the crest onto the East side will determine how much the river will rise. I’m guessing not much, but check the flow charts. The fishing has remained descent. It went from great to descent mostly because the large rainbows are on their beds spawning, or are post spawn. Usually it’s a little later in the spring when they do their thing, but the weather is so jacked I think they’ve spawned earlier than in years past. They should be done shortly and back eating nymphs and steamers. The streamer bite has been pretty good if you can stay committed. We’ve moved and landed some large fish, mainly browns in the last week. I guess it’s a matter if you like the big Kelley Galloup stuff, or the smaller bugger type stuff. I like mine right in the middle. Change colors until you see what they like. Bug wise, mainly still blue wings, skwalas, some spring caddis, and march browns.