Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 3-27-14

Fishing at Pyramid Lake Nevada

It’s that time of year for Pyramid Lake in Western Nevada when big Cutthroat Trout cruise the shallow water and drop-offs close to the beaches. Fishing can be pretty fantastic in spring at Pyramid if you choose the right beach and wind direction. You’ll have your slow days, but those slow days can be trumped by some outstanding days too. Midging with an indo produces lots of fish, pull it once in a while or take the indo off and retrieve your flies slow much like a bugger set-up. Good flies for that rig are something large, some flash, tungsten beads, and a good strong hook. Think large copper johns, and zebra’s in red, or black. You only need to be in 6-10 feet of water. Don’t be afraid to use heavy tippet as well, think 12-15 pound. The shooting head style produces fish too. Popcorn beetles and buggers such as wolly worms and the like catch lots of fish. Vary your retrieves until you see what they like. Really not very many places that you have a legit shot at catching a 20 pound fish like Pyramid Lake.