Truckee River Fishing Report 4-12-14

The Truckee Rivers getting a little bit bigger with this recent warm weather we’ve been having. 550 cfs or so here in Hirschdale, and way down below into Nevada, about 650 cfs or so. Even though this last winter was like the 10th worst winter ever we will still have some run-off. We have about 40% of average in our basin, last year we had about 50% of average. I guess we’ll have about 10% less run-off than last year. Last year wasn’t bad, but it did get high and muddy for about a two week stretch. The Truckee River should be well over 1000k right now on a good snow year with this kind of warm weather, maybe over 2000k. Don’t think I’ll be canceling any guide trips this year because of high water. That’s good and bad. For now take advantage of the awesome spring we’re having and feel blessed we can go out and fish the Truckee this time of year. It’s a buffet full of bugs, march browns, blue wings, stones, and spring caddis. Nymphing with all the above will getcha fish. Dry fly fishing not so much lately, but when these march browns start pop’n hard there can be some nice heads. The streamer game is one based on commitment. If you stay with it all day you can get some big fish on this river in the spring. A few fish I saw last week on float trips would have scared most city folks if they hadn’t came unbuttoned.