Truckee River Fishing Report 5-2-14

The sunshine feels good here on the Truckee River. Warm days, mild nights, feeling like June not May. The fishing, well, it’s good. You should be here. The water/ flows, are somewhat high. We do have some run-off with this warm weather; water is off colored, and very off colored way down on the lower lower stuff in Nevada. Some people will rather fish the upper stuff this time of year, above Boca, Glenshire, and that all fishes very well. I’ve been mostly staying close to home and it’s good. A few trips in Nevada, but hard to beat blue bird days in the 70’s in the Hirsch. The whole river will give them up though, any way too. Streamers and nymphing, and yes, even the dry fly game has been descent lately. Flows are up on the Little Truckee as well. When the flows drop on the LT the dry fly fishing goes off, and it will happen earlier this year as opposed to later. Pyramid is a done deal for me, some dudes still fishing it, but to late in the year out there for me. The Truckee is my bread and butter and it’s just starting to shape up.