Truckee River Fishing Report 6-14-14

Caddis and lots of caddis on the Truckee River. Pop’n pretty hard all day and most definitely in the evenings. Tight lining with a G-6 will get you fish- stone/ G-6 combo is the rig. Green drakes are out in the evening and the caddis/ drake hatch has been very good this week. The splashy rises are trouts eating caddis, the gulps are the drake eaters. Of course every other bug is out too. Pmds, peds, lil’ yellow stones, golden stones. Lots of different flies will get you fish this time of year. I think trout punch their meal ticket on caddis pupa, golden stones and crayfish in summer, but other flies work, and streamers can get you fish too. Flows are still great over the entire river, even up along the 89 stretch has been good. Lot’s o’ pocket water all over the river.