Truckee River Fishing Report 7-8-14

Cloudy and muggy the last few days here on the Truckee River in the, Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. Not wanting to rain, but cloudy, good monochrome type of sky for fishing. Yes, fish like low light. Yes, trout like to eat streamers on overcast summer days. Yes, trout eat nymphs too. Yes, trout look up on overcast days. Pretty much the fishing is good. Fast water -broken up water is your friend this time of year. Get some G-6’s and you’ll have even a better buddy to spend the day with. Your G-6 won’t let you down, and he won’t drink all your beer. Put him on a tight line rig and watch him do his magic. Put him on the back of say an Elk Hair Caddis in the evening about 8 inches and watch trout explode on it. Try some crayfish and see what happens, big golden stones too. Take the big stupid bunny claws off the cray and get it to bottom quickly. Most crays are tied wrong, unless you use them to swing. Go forth and have fun.