On Photography

I’ve used a lot of crappy digital point and shoot cameras over the years, nothing over a few hundred bucks, and they’re fine for goverment work, but you can only do so much with them. See, I’ve never really gotten into the digital age. Mostly it’s hard to get inspired when your’re told you can only take great photos with a full frame DLSR, in my opinion the most uninspiring camera ever created. That, and that’s a lot of camera to lug around a river all day. In my other life, I was a photojournalist, no lie. I used a Leica M body, Leica glass and film. Recently, I found the Fuji X series cameras. They have good glass, and the body feels and looks like an old rangefinder. It’s digital, but the images that come from it have a film look. It’s small and unobtrusive, and you don’t have to beat the photos to hell in Photoshop afterward. The images that come straight from the camera, I feel, need little if any post processing. Somehow, I’ve been inspired again, and the photos on this blog will be less “grip n’ grinny”. Overall the blog will have a better look and feel. The grip and grins will mostly go over on the Facebook page. Please press the like button if you’re new.