Situation Averted

Todays the 25th and here’s the flows. Flows are actually up from yesterday. Situation averted. There was a lot of rumors and dooms day theories about the water. I feel it’s my job to give accurate fishing reports and to inform folks on current river conditions and future river conditions. When the river is high and muddy, I’ll tell you, low and clear, well. The dooms day outlook and rumors that were spread just weren’t true. Remember the New Millennium, the Aztec Calendar? It’s the same deal with the water on the Truckee River. Thing is, fish will be fine. When the water does drop, just have some common sense when you go fish. Fish ethically, fish cool. Start early, and end early. Get yourself a thermometer and learn to use it. Like I’ve said, I’ve seen the river very, very low, the fishing was super good. I’ve seen it really, really high, guess what, the fishing was super good. This is the Truckee River, it goes through severe droughts and extreme floods. There’s always fish in it. I’ll know where the fish are at at any given time, no matter what the flows are. 300 days a year on the river does that. I also know how to fish cool and ethically. These posts are for the people that don’t, to educate other anglers, maybe other guides. We are almost through the hottest month for us in Truckee-Reno, July. It was 45 this morning here. Sure, it can be very warm during the day, but nights are going to cool, by the end of August, we should have our first freeze. Cool nights, equal cooler water, equal happy fish. For now, business as usual.