The Party’s Over

Well, this is it, the last bit of summer here on the Truckee River. Last big weekend for some. Except for weekends, Hirschdale again will look like a ghost town, you’ll be able to once again find a place to park at Safeway in Truckee, and you may actually go out to eat in town again. My days of waking up early and guiding everyday are coming to a close. I’ll still be guiding, a lot, but not daily, and I’ll be getting in some fishing again for myself. If you fly fish, then you know the second season is soon ahead. Sure, we catch fish in the summer, lot’s of fish, but the fall is the best time for your angling enjoyment. Cooler water temps, blue wing olives, october caddis, and streamers. Nights are cold and days will be crisp. Water will be low this fall, and I’m betting the dry fly fishing will be very good. It’ll be easy wading this fall for folks that aren’t that sure of themselves on the Truckee. A little hot during the days here still. Soon though. Everyone loves fall.