Truckee River Fishing Report 9-4-14

Yes, flows are low on the Truckee River, but the water is cooling and the fishing is pretty descent. It has froze a few nights this week in the Hirsch, pine needles are dropping, bummer because I have to rake them up constantly, and the hills have a bit of gold in them. Yes, fall is here. Indian Summer as some like to say. Flows have continued to drop out of Lake Tahoe this week, luckily, they do have some water coming out of Boca and into the river. Not sure when they will release water from Donner Lake, but everyone is hoping very soon. Dry dropper rigs have been doing justice for me and my crew this last week. Tight line nymphing has been working some, along with an occasional streamer bite. Seems like fish need a little distance from the angler and the fly, hence the dry dropper rig. Lots of crayfish still, and lots of baetis mayflies again. The dry fly fishing isn’t that bad either. You will see some risers mid-morning when the bugs start pop’n. I think we’ve made it through the worst of times on the Truckee, hopefully it’s all gravy here on out.

On a side note Doug O and I will have 3 clinics coming up. I’ll do a blog post this week with more info.

October 11th. Truckee River Tight Line Nymphing.

October 25th Pyramid Lake

November 8th Pyramid Lake