Clinics-Truckee River- Oct-11th, Pyramid Lake-October 25th and November 8th

Fall is in the air, football and fishing. Doug O and I will be doing 3 clinics.



Doug O and I are at it again. Tight line nymph clinic on the Truckee River, Saturday October 11th. If you want to learn some short line nymphing techniques, that is nymping without indicators, this is the class. Chezch nymphing is what folks like to call it. I call it Nor Cal Nymphing because we’ve been doing it here in Northern California for a long ass time. It is a very productive way to fish, especially on the Truckee as it enables you to keep your line tight, connecting you with your leader and flies. We’ll set up straight level leaders, no tapers, using flouro, sighters, tippet rings, etc. We will go through a few different tight line rigs and most importantly you will learn how to set up your own rigs; how to tie the correct knots, and how to use the proper connections. We’ll also show you the flies we like to use and why. Remember this is a class, not a guide trip, so sticking fish is not our objective, but we will fish and you may hook some.  The cost for the clinic is $200 bucks. We ask that you pay in advance to reserve your spot.  You can pay by credit card via a phone call, email, or paypal. Any 9 foot 5wt will do, but if you want to step it up in the high stick game, bring a 10 footer in a 4-5wt. We will have some high stick’n rods to use as well, please let us know if you will need equipment. This will be on the California side (please remember to bring your license), and we will meet at 9:00 off the Hirschdale exit down at the stop sign at the end of the off-ramp. We will all drive to our spot from there. The class will be 4-5 hours. These are bad ass clinics and you will learn a ton of information.

PYRAMID LAKE CLINIC, 10-25-14, AND 11-8-14

Doug O and I will be holding a Pyramid Lake Clinic at Pyramid Lake in Nevada on October 25th, and November 8th. If you have not heard of Pyramid Lake, or always guessed how to fish it, this is the time to do it. Check this clinic video out. Pyramid is the place right now to tangle with a monsta trout. You can travel the Word and not find the fish we have in our own backyard. We will cover rods, lines, rigs and flies, along with beaches to fish during various weather conditions. You will need at least a 6wt rod, 7-9 wts are better. It’s also good to have a reel with a good working drag. On that reel you will need a shooting head, or floating line. Fast sinking shooting head lines that are integrated of about 200 -350 grains are good, we use those for stripping beetles and buggers. Floating lines are good for indicator fishing, though we will show you how to construct a leader to fish midges/nymphs without an indo. 6-8 wt switch rods are good tools for the lake too. If you have one and the correct line for it bring it, we’ll be two handing overhead casting with the switches. Other good tools to bring would be a stripping basket and stepladder to raise you above the water especially if it’s windy. You don’t need those, but they’re nice to have. We’ll have flies and everything to construct leaders with. We’ll also have some rods and reels if you do not have the correct set up. You will need to be prepared for nasty weather. It’s almost always windy there. Dress warm and bring a rain jacket to keep the splash off. Price is $200, and you will need to prepay via PayPal, or C.C. We will meet at 10:00 at Crosby’s Lodge in Sutcliff on the lake and go into the late afternoon-evening. 10:00 should give folks enough time to make the drive. Everyone can purchase a tribal permit to fish the lake at Crosby’s, or you get it online beforehand. Of course call, or email either Doug O or I if you have any questions.

Pyramid Lake Nevada is home to not only the biggest Cutthroat Trout in the World, but some of the biggest trout in the world anywhere. Located just over 30 minutes North East of Reno, roughly the size of Lake Tahoe, Pyramid sits on the historic Paiute Indian Reservation, in its alkaline waters swim the biggest Cutthroat trout in the World. 60 pounders once swam in the lake, 41 pounds is the record caught in the 20’s. Now with the original Pilot Peak strain Lahontan Cutthroat recently re-introduced into the lake fish could be nearing their historic cousins. 20 pounders are now fairly common on the fly and the sky could be the limit. This is the place right now if you want to tangle with a double digit trout, that’s not in inches, that’s in pounds. Fishing is fairly easy there, Lahontan’s are not picky fish, it’s about being on the right beach at the right time. Pyramid Lake is a unique place, very beautiful and mysterious, a place every fly angler should fish at least once in their lifetime.