Pyramid Lake Nevada Fishing Report 10-1-14

The opener at Pyramid Lake in Nevada was great for some, not so great for others. The others would be the folks that did not have a boat or a float tube. This time of year the fish in the thermocline are in about 18-30 feet of water. Hard to reach if you’re on the shore with a fly rod. You’re looking for big balls of Tui Chub, the baitfish that the big Lahontan Cutthroat chow down on in the fall. Where you find those you’ll find fish. Sometimes the bait balls will be close into shore, but it seems for the most part they’re just out of fly rod reach from the shore right now. Good beaches are, well, I won’t exactly say right now…but there is a ton of them at Pyramid, and trying two or three or four in a day is good start. You can always take the clinic with Doug O and I on October 25th, or November 8th, or take a guide trip with yours truly anytime. By the end of October the fish will be in fly rod reach as the water will be cooler higher in the water column, hence closer to shore. Ok, so this is the deal. These fish are pretty much the largest freshwater trout in the world, and it’s a 30 minute drive from Reno NV. They are not hard to catch, you just have to find them, and they pull f’ing super hard. Really excited about this season at the lake.