Pyramid Lake Nevada Fly Fishing Report 10-31-14

Fly fishing is good right now at the high desert alkaline Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Water temps have lowered and the big fish are starting to cruise close into the beaches. Stripping the usual buggers and beetles combo is getting the most fish, and the bobber bite is getting good too. Yes, fishing big midges and nymphs under an indicator is very effective out at Pyramid, not the most exciting way to fish, but very effective as keeps your flies in the zone for longer amount of time. Copper Johns, in red, chartreuse, and zebra are all good, but any crazy midge you can tie up will work. Balanced leeches are great under the indo as well. You can take off the indicator and strip in big nymphs, my choice, and it works. We have a good early season storm rolling through the area this weekend, hopefully the first of many, and that should fire up the bite out at Pyramid this November and get the bigs in close.