Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report Nevada 11-9-14

Doug O and I had a great clinic yesterday in the desert teaching folks the different techniques on fly fishing Pyramid Lake. If you missed this last one look for more in the future, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the lake, or reacquainted for that matter. The fishing at the lake has been great one day, not so great the next. The ridge of high pressure of the coast is pissing me off keeping temps warm out at the lake and making for tougher than average fishing conditions. If you have a descent wind blowing in, it will break up that surface tension and bring the fish in close, if not, fish may linger out in about 20 feet of water. That being said, if you hit the right beach and change tactics often, you will catch fish. The poundage of fish we’ve lost in the last week has been pretty crazy. Landing a 20 pound cutt is not the easiest thing in the World to do. Hopefully we get something in to break down this high pressure ridge and bring some storms in. If you’ve noticed I have not been doing any guiding on the Truckee River until we get some water. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.