Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report Nevada 11-11-14

They’re coming in. Yes, it’s the time to be fly fishing Pyramid Lake in Nevada. The high desert alkaline lake is producing great fish for fly anglers from shore. Retrieving flies on the ole shooting head is the ticket. Buggers, Tui-Chub’s, Popcorn Bettles, etc. Fishing under the indo with big nymphs is producing too. Different times of the day will bring in fish, so if you’re not catching fish, take a break and go back out. LCT cruise the shelf looking for food. You want a nice wind blowing in on you out there, find a beach with some wind blowing in, and you’ll find fish. This is prime time now so come on up get acquainted with the lake. No where else in North America can you catch freshwater trout this big. Grip n’ Grins go here, and look for some more clinic dates with Doug O coming soon.