Truckee River Fishing Report 11-27-14

Been a while since I actually did a fishing report for the Truckee River. Why? Because the river has been to low to fish, period. Yes, there have been people fishing the river since the bottom fell out and those people should be ashamed of themselves. You are not a sportsman if you were shooting fish in a barrel. I know the people and the guides that were, and we are not friends anymore. I noticed on my drive to Pyramid Lake yesterday that the river looked pretty good, when I got home and looked at the flows, there is now 179 cfs flowing out in front of the house here in Hirschdale. 179 cfs ain’t that bad considering flows on average in winter on the Truckee River are low, between 150-250 cfs, usually. I say usually because every winter is different. Compared to what the river was flowing, 40 cfs in the Hirsch, it looks, well, simply amazing, like the Colorado River or something. I can now put up with my dysfunctional Thanksgiving knowing that I can actually go fish and guide the river again. I’ll give a better report by early next week after I go check the river out and fish it a bit. I say early next week because this weekend is going to be banging out at Pyramid Lake, it’s hard to not fish that place. Happy Thanksgiving.