Truckee River Fishing Report 12-6-14

Another Truckee River fishing report in the same week, I can get used to this again. I’ve been fishing the river a little every day since Thursday and relieved to say the fish and the river are looking good. It’s like she’s back to her old self. We went through some hard times, straight up, wasn’t really sure if I would still be able to fish/ guide the Truckee River for at least for a long while. I really didn’t know that when we did get some water, what state the fish would be in, or how many would be left. I’ve also realized not to take anything for granted. One- one hundred year flood or drought can take our precious resource the Truckee River away, and I hate to use the word precious, but that’s what this river is. Trust me, I’ve fished all over the west and there’s nothing like the fish in this river, sorry Montana. To see the water pumping under the bridge pylons here in the Hirsch, and to hear it when you have the windows cracked in the house, well, it feels really f’ing good. Back to the fish. Them Truckee River trouts seem to be in their winter time mode, not all. I have stuck some in the top of runs and weird little slots, but the majority seem to be in the water that moves at a good walking pace, 2-5 feet deep. Typical for this time of year. They all are healthy and strong. I have not been using typical winter time flies, but big spring type stuff. The water is off color everywhere you go, they need something they can see. If we continue to get storms this winter, which looks like the case for now, the river will rise and fall, be blown occasionally, etc. You’ll want to check the flows and obviously fish it after it drops. Last winter sucked, but the fishing may be really good this winter on the Truckee River. Zimmerman with clean lined, sweet little rainbow from the first float in six months on the T.