Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report 12-19-14

The fly fishing has been a bit spotty out at Pyramid Lake lately, typical winter time type of pattern. Fish have moved out into deeper water and seem to be only cruising in off the shelf during low light periods of the day. Of course there are exceptions, but that’s winter fishing at the mid, you may have a great day and you may not. If you get the wind right, or you have a low pressure system fish might come in all day, however you may spend most of your day doing casting practice this time of year. The thing is with Pyramid is you just don’t know until you go. Easy if you live close. If not check the weather reports and try to time it when some weather is moving through, or get on the dawn patrol type approach, fish early, or late.

Don’t forget about our Pyramid Lake Clinic on January 31st. It’s a great way to get aquatinted with the lake and maybe a big Lahontan Cutthroat.

If you like deals as much I do, I’m offering winter rates on the Truckee River. The Truckee is once again fishing now that we have some water in it again. Come up and get some winter fishing in.