Truckee River Fishing Report- Pyramid Lake Fishing Report- 12-31-14

Deep cold has settled into the Truckee-Tahoe-Reno area. My body is shocked, I just returned home from Hawaii to find single digits here in the Hirsch. The fishing report will go like this. Wait until it warms up. Ice in the guides and single digits are just not fun to go fish in. You’ll probably get skunked anyway. This weekend it should warm back into the 40’s and you’ll have a shot at catching a few again. Flows on the Truckee River are good, pretty average for this time of year, but we always get a cold snap around here this time of year and it makes fishing useless. Lets hope we have a good January of storms, looking a little bleak at the moment.

The fly fishing at Pyramid Lake is hit and miss. It’s mid-winter at the mid and sometimes those fish just don’t want to come in and eat your popcorn beetle. That being said some of friends have caught some big ass fish out there lately. Mostly it’s been in low light conditions, or an afternoon bite. If it’s high pressure you’ll do crappy, but if a low comes in, you’ll do good. Watch the weather before you make the haul out there. Storms rolling through are always the best time to hit the lake.

For now the best options are to wait until it warms up this weekend and fish the Truckee River, or the Little Truckee RIver. The Little Truckee River is a tailwater and the water is going to be warmer there then on the Truckee. If you go out to Pyramid make sure you stay until last light.

Remember I still have my winter rates. Also there is still room for the Pyramid Lake clinic on January 31st. There is also 2 spots left for my switch/ swing clinic on the Truckee River, January 24th.

Hopefully everyone has a happy New Year and the wife lets you get some fishing in next year.

The high temp the last few days here in the Hirsch.