Truckee River Fishing Report 1-14-15

A little colder this week with the east wind blowing, in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. It has put a bit of a damper on the fishing this week on the Truckee River. That is at least in the sections I’m fishing through.That’s kind of the deal with winter fishing. Warm days makes the fish more active, cold days less active. Just the way it is. Don’t worry, June-uary will return next week as high pressure digs back in off the coast. Except for a weak cold from coming in this weekend, there is no snow in sight, major bummer.

When the water temps get cold fish put themselves back into the frog water. They may only get into an active feeding pattern during a short window, usually the warmest time of the day. That has summed up the last few days.

Warm days with stable pressure means fish will stay in an active pattern throughout the day this time of year. High and low pressures and rapid changes in either affect the bite.

Of course the wintery time flies is what should be in your box. Midges, small baetis, worms, stones, and streamers. Streamers if you can get them to chase. What is great about the switch rods is they give you the slow swing. Trout like their streamers swung slow in cold water. Don’t be spooked by the large flies either. If you saw a bunch of tiny ass midges coming by you all day and then a big old stonefly nymph, what would you choose?

Switch clinic is sold out, maybe another one in February?  Still just a couple spots left for the Pyramid Lake clinic at the end of the month. Look for the tight line clinics happening soon too. Winter rates will apply until the end of this month. Since so many folks have taken advantage, hell, I may do it next month too.