Sage Fly Rods

I got my first “real fly rod” on a trip to the Upper Sac when I was 13. My Dad broke the tip on his old glass rod so we stopped by The Fly Shop in Redding to get him a new rod. I talked pops into buying me one too. That rod was a Sage, just they’re entry level rod, but a great rod for a punk kid like me. I guess I’ve stayed pretty partial to the brand over the years and always fished a Sage.

If you’ve noticed the hashtag, #perfectingperformance, or @sageflyfish on the Facebook business page lately it’s because I’m representing Sage Fly Rods as an Elite Pro. I’m one of a handful of guides across the country with that distinction. Now, that does not make me a better angler, or guide, nor does it make me catch more fish than the average joe, but it does mean I will be rocking all Sage rods on all guide trips here at GGS. Of course you can fish any rod you want when you come and fish with me, but if you’d like to fish a Sage, you’re more than welcome.

Sage rods are hand crafted in America, not mass produced in a shop overseas. Sage rods have performance and power, something hard to achieve with some of the lower end rods. Remember even an entry level Sage is hand made in America and will feel better than the high end rods offered by the low end manufacturers.

This is my old Sage that got me started.