Truckee River Fishing Report- Pyramid Lake Fishing Report- 2-15-15

Not much change since last report. We are experiencing very warm unseasonable temperatures here in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. In fact we are setting records this weekend. The recorded high temps we are breaking are from the same weekend last year, go figure. Are we doomed with this cycle of high pressure? Hard to say, but the high pressure ridge builds off the west coast, it gets warm, the ridge gets bigger, warms the ocean temps even more, and continues the cycle. It’s a very hard pattern for us to get out of, but it can change, I’m really hoping.

The Truckee River is fishing very well for this time of year. The river feels like about mid-April, meaning the river is fishing how it would early spring, not late winter, minus the bugs. The water is still cold, but warming some during the day and the fish are spreading out into different areas of the river. I’m not just fishing the winter frog water. Yes, lots of fish are in the slower water still, but you will find fish holding up on banks and moving into mid-river slots. I fished a section of river yesterday that I don’t hit until usually April-ish, and it fished pretty well. Flows are great.

Pyramid Lake is fishing well too. During the day with this high pressure ridge in place and sunny warm conditions, means you will just be getting casting practice. You could probably get a tube or boat and get out in about 20 feet of water and jig up your flies. Better option, would be to fish at first light, or last light. It’s a very short window when the fish cruise in, but they will come in, you just have to be patient. It would be nice to get some weather pushing through, clouds and wind, but it is what it is, and the next few months will be good regardless.