Truckee River Fishing Report- Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report- 3-1-15

The big talk up here is the 27 inches of snow the tops of Alpine and Squaw received over the weekend. We even got about 6 inches here in the Hirsch. Can we keep this going? Hard to say, but lets keep our fingers crossed.

The Truckee River is still fishing pretty well. Been a week of weird weather, sun, cold, snow, rain. Messes with the barometer and messes with the fishes. Mostly I’ve been fishing the river in Nevada, and mostly I’ve been floating it and fishing streamers. Of course its hit and miss with the streamers, but when its on, its super fun. High pressure will build in a bit this week and we will be on a warming trend so the fishing should be good. 300 cfs here in the Hirsch, 400 down in the desert, good for now, but lets hope we get more water.

Pyramid Lake was super good this weekend, all week really. Tons of fish cruising in the shallows eating flies and being happy. Its great out there when you can get some weather this time of year. Same old same old and far as flies and techniques. The bobber crew on the beaches destroyed them this weekend. When you get the waves the bobber jigs the flies up and down and drives the fish crazy. March is a great month at the mid.

Remember we do have some spots left for our Pyramid Lake clinic on March 14th. This will be our last one of the year.