Pyramid Lake Fishing Report 3-31-15

It’s spring time at the Mid, Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Cutts are cruising the shelf in big big numbers. On the sunny windless days they have lockjaw. You will have to wait on those days for the evening grab, or get there at the butt crack of dawn. 

They have sex on the mind, spring is spawning time at the Mid and sometimes that’s all they want to think about, go figure, and eating the fly is the last thing they want to do.

Now, if its windy and you have cloud cover that can be a different.  They do need to eat and they will eat at some point in the day, and on the windy cloudy days they feels more comfortable chasing the fly.

Big big crowds at the nets, you can go to other beaches and find fish, not in the big numbers that are cruising at the nets, but you’ll probably find the big Pilot Peak fish at some of the other spots.

Buggers on the shooting heads and beetles, nymphing with big nymphs and midges under the indos are both producing fish.

Both Doug O and I firmly believe in getting off your ladders. All fish do not like shadows. You will catch more fish if you step back and make a smaller profile, nobody wants to listen to us, but it’s true. If you’re cold from standing in the water buy a pair of cheap neoprene waders and you’ll stay warm, you won’t cast a big shadow and you will be more connected to with your fly line and flies.

You can have some huge number days if you get lucky out there this time of year.

I had a chance yesterday to take out a bunch of great guys in our industry, The Fiberglass Manifesto, Crooked Creek Holler, and Vedavoo.

It was their first time at Pyramid, a place every fly angler should visit at least once.