The Other Things.

One nice thing about Truckee-Tahoe, and the Tahoe National Forest is that there are many other options to fish when the water on the Truckee River will get to low later this summer.

We have many lakes and creeks, and you’d be surprised how much water are in some of them.

Do you like to fish in the wilderness for brook trout on dry flies on tiny spring creeks? I do, it’s super fun, and something I don’t get to do a lot because everyone has big fish fever and wants to hit the Truckee River with me.

We have lakes that have cruising brown trout in them that eat dry flies. I mean theres LOT’S of options around, and the fishing on the other options will recharge your soul because of the sheer beauty of our area

Of course, I don’t need to put these other options on the inter web, but they’re out there, trust me. I’m also still working on a few other floatable options in the drift boat too, doing the leg work.

There is no silver lining about this drought, it sucks, but there are a lot of other things to explore with your fly rod in our area if you’re up here this summer.