Truckee River Fishing Report 5-4-15

Flows are up a bit since last report, about 320 cfs here in the Hirsch, a just barely floatable flow, and something I have been taking advantage of while it lasts. 

Typically this time of year with this warm weather the river would be just about un-fishable, high and muddy from snowmelt, not so this year, or the last, but it is what it is and that’s the cards we’ve been dealt.

I’ve seen every bug that could possibly hatch. Golden stones, pale morning duns, green drakes, etc, etc. That is 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Maybe Al Gore is right about global warming.

Fish are looking up.

Take advantage while you can. Don’t be the guy or gal fishing when the Truckee River when it get’s to low this summer. It is going to get very low, like last year, but there are other things to fish in Tahoe and Reno.

Bass in the lakes, brook trout, carp in the lower Truckee River, brown trout in the some of the high mountain lakes. They’ll be some things to shake a fly at, and some other things I’ll be doing too.