The North Fork of the Yuba River

Still barely hanging on here on the Truckee River. There is rain and snow in the forecast.

Lately on my days off, I’ve been out checking other drainages, river and lakes and things. The North Fork of the Yuba River is one good one, about an hour or so North of Truckee over Yuba Pass and down the 49. Up the 49 out of Nevada City, if you’re coming the other way.

Beautiful country is an understatement. You’ll go through the little town of Sierra City and down into Downieville. You’ll probably stop in at a real estate office because that’s how purdy it is through there. It’s mostly canyon type, rock hopping type county, but the fish on the Yuba are willing to take a dry fly and unlike the Truckee River, the fishing can be easy.

They get a mean golden stone hatch and just about everything else too. Stimulaters and elk hair caddis, and chernobyl and things, all will get the attention of willing rainbows. Hang a bead head off the back and you’re good to go. Grab a beer in Downieville when you’re done fishing, or better yet get a shuttle through the local bike shop and hit one of the most famous single tracks in the country.

I’ll be doing some guiding over there this summer to change things up and having tons of fun on the north fork.