It seems like it’s been years since I got the 2wt out. This years been different. I get so wrapped up in fishing the Truckee River, mainly guiding, but lately, I’ve been making an effort to fish different stuff on the afternoons/ days off. I’ve been fishing a lot of stillwater, and doing some crik’n. Honestly, it’s been completely rejuvenating.

We have some very good creeks to fish in the Truckee-Tahoe area. Most all of them are in the Tahoe National Forest and accessible to all. Most of them have brook trout, some of them have bows, browns, and cutthroats too. Some of them are close to Truckee, some require a 4X4, or a good hike.

It doesn’t take much to fish them, meaning any old dry fly will mostly do. Ants are my favorite, but elk hair caddis, adams, humpys, hoppers, they’ll all work. Usually the fishing is easy. Make sure to bring a few beers with you and just a spool of tippet. Keep it simple. You will get tangled in a few bushes and you will need to sit down and enjoy a brew and admire your surroundings.

You may see bear, eagles, deer, but I bet most of the time you will not see another human around. It really is the funnest thing you can do with a fly rod.