Truckee River Fishing Report 6-4-15

We all knew the ass end was going to drop out, and yes flows out of Boca have been cut to 35cfs, putting the Truckee River down to about 135cfs in Hirschdale, and about 200 cfs near state line. The Nevada side is even lower. The river always gets hit the hardest in and around Reno as TWMA pulls water out of the river for the city of Reno.

I did talk to the Water Master the other day and he said that the water in the river will come up if TMWA calls on their drought reserves. They have so many acre feet stored in Independence, Stampede, Donner, and Boca. Now, if they don’t want to use the water and get their water demands from groundwater then we’re somewhat screwed. No one seems to know when they will call on their drought reserves, but it sounds like they are going to use them.  Also, the Pauite Indian Tribe (Pyramid Lake) can call on water for fish flows in the very lower part of the Truckee River near Pyramid Lake. They have already done that this year and can do it anytime they want. I guess everything is pretty vague and this point. Rain this week will help us tremendously.

Does this mean you should keep fishing the river? Hard to say. The water is still very cool and with the rain coming this week we’ll be fine up to a point. I will still be doing some guide trips on the Truckee for now, as long as the water stays cool and doesn’t get any lower.

You should start looking at other options. I will be guiding on the “other options” a lot this summer. You will have fun and learn new stuff and catch fish in amazing scenery.