Truckee-Tahoe Area Fishing Report-6-12-15

We did get a good shot of rain this week, not much to make an impact on the level of the area lakes and rivers, but every bit helps.

The Truckee River is still low. Flows are 115 cfs here in the Hirsch, 165 cfs at Farad. We did gain a bit of water from the rain, but that will be short lived. I haven’t been on the Truckee in just over a week. Doubt I’ll be on it until she gets some more water. If you do feel like fishing the Truckee River, fish early in the morning or don’t fish at all.

The Little Truckee River is just getting going. Green drakes are starting to show and pale morning duns have made an appearance, daily, every day. It can be challenging out there, mainly dodging all the people, but seriously, those fish can be tough. I like shit that rides in the film. Cripples, emergers, etc. Hackle stackers, sparkle duns, cdc type things, anything that looks trapped in the film they like. Of course, I’m talking dry fly fishing here. I don’t do much nymphing out there. Learn a reach cast, get good drifts, and try to look for some heads poking up.