Truckee-Tahoe Fishing Report-6-16-15

Flows keep dropping more on the Truckee River. Flows out of Prosser and Boca reservoirs have been cut, putting the Truckee River here in Hirschdale to about 60 cfs. That is a very unhealthy flow for this time of year. Our trout will need all the help they can get to make it through this summer. PLEASE DO NOT FISH THE TRUCKEE RIVER ANYMORE AT THESE FLOWS.

This is a good article from Mikey Weir for our Truckee RIver Keepers.

The Little Truckee RIver has been cut to 45 cfs, down from 69 cfs from last week. Please keep a thermometer with you out there and take a water temp after say about noonish. Stop fishing if the water gets in the mid 60’s.

This was not going to be a doom and gloom report, but I had to put that out there about the Truckee River.

The other lakes and creeks and things are all fishing good right now.

In fact if you look hard enough you can find lots of water in places on the West Slope, not far from Truckee. I do not want to blog about them, but I have them tucked away.

I did fish a creek with a friend that I’ve been wanting to get too for years and just haven’t. A descent 4 wheel drive in, and a pretty good hike. When we got there we found no one, more signs of bear than people. Lot’s and lots of fish, and on a Tenkara rod, a real blast. I’ll talk more about Tenkara later, but this is a great summer for the Tenkara rod. It sucks about the Truckee River, but I’ve been exploring new places and having a lot of fun doing it. I forget how amazing the Sierra Nevada’s are.