Truckee-Tahoe Area Fishing Report-6-26-15

It’s pretty much hot as hell, about as hot as we get here in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee area. Let’s hope our Truckee River trout can pull it off this summer.

Good news, I really don’t see any anglers fishing the river anymore. Bad news, there still are some.

If anyone excepts the trout of the Truckee River to make it through this summer you must not fish the river at these flows.

I did, and have had to talk to some people fishing in the afternoons here in Hirschdale. They were locals and fly fisherman. Total d-bags for doing so. They should know better not to be fishing the river at these flows, and honestly, they should get punished. Protect your resource assholes. Most of the locals I know are at a boiling point. There’s a lot of people that take great pride in the Truckee River and will do anything to protect it. I wouldn’t be surprised if things go fist to cuffs this summer if CDF and Wildlife doesn’t get the ball rolling on the river closures in California.

Enough said:

I’ve been doing a lot of stillwater fishing out of the drift boat. Calibaetis are still hatching big time around Tahoe and fish are looking up. We’ve had some unbelievable days dry fly fishing, nothing huge, but lots of nice fish. Stillwater sight fishing with the fly rod is the real deal.

That’s really all we have up here going on is the stillwater game.

The LT is good and cold still even though the flows are low, but it’s very tough for the novice angler out there now. If you have some skiilz maybe…

Your best to get off the grid, get on some cricks that have water in them, or get out on the lakes and up your stillwater game.