Truckee River Fishing Report-8-24-15

Flows are still low out on the Little Truckee for the enhancement-restoration project. Please do not go fish the LT until flows come back up once the project is done. 2 more weeks maybe? Our local TU #103, and with help of many, many volunteers added spawning gravel yesterday to part of the upper stretch of river. It was good to see so many folks out helping! Good things are a happening out on the LT!

The Truckee River had some good news this week too. A new water agreement was signed. This will be beneficial to the river if we happen to go into a drought period again, or if we stay in it I guess. More water can be stored in Stampede and Boca, and the old “Floriston Rates” sounds like they do not have to be kept. I think this is really good news for the river.

Truckee River fishing report: Overnight lows have been dipping into the 30’s in most of the Truckee-Tahoe region this week and water temps have lowered dramatically. While it still is summer in most of California, fall comes early at 6,000 feet, and summer is slipping away. Flows out of Boca have come up a bit. I think if you were going to fish the river, fish in California, below Boca, in the mornings, and things should be fine. On the Nevada side the water is still very low through Reno, so please do not fish for those trout down there. The stretch of river from Glenshire Rd to the inflow of the Little Truckee River is barely flowing. You should not attempt to fish that. If you do fish, you will want to fish from Boca towards the state line of Nevada.

Pyramid Lake re-opens October 1st. Have your Tui-Chub patterns all tied up.