Truckee River Fishing Report-9-17-15


Cold and a little rain with a dusting of snow up top. Pine needles in the drive way, and the sound of chainsaws and wood spliters. Feels like fall in Hirschdale.

The Little Truckee is fishing very well. Fish are in really great shape, and pressure is light. There are not very many places in California that have fish the size like we do out on the LT. It’s a real gem of a tailwater, and fall is the best time to fish it. Fall hatches include Baetis, or small blue wing olives, Psuedo’s, think very, very small blue wing olives, and caddis. The caddis are small, but sometimes fish will key in on them. There have been some browns pushing out of lake and making their annual spawning run up the river. I have not seen any Kokanee coming out of Boca yet. Koke’s also make their way out of the lake and spawn up in the LT.

Most off the water in the Truckee River right now is coming out of Donner Lake. 57 cfs coming out of Donner. No water coming out of Boca right now. The river between Donner Ck, and the inflow of the Little Truckee RIver at Boca has not seen much of any water in months. I took a walk up along the there the other day, it is low, but it is annually low like that every season this time of year. I did not fish it, so I have no idea the state/ condition of the river along there.

The Truckee River is right around 75 cfs here in Hirschdale.

Pyramid Lake will open on October 1st. The first week is very good out at the lake.