Pyramid Lake Outlook-Fishing Report


Pyramid Lake in Nevada opens October 1st. Changes have been made to the regs out at the lake this year. Based on the same weather pattern as we had last year, it should fish much the same on this years opener. High pressure is in place and doesn’t look to budge anytime soon. High pressure is always in place September in Reno/Tahoe. Indian Summer. I imagine surface temps will be up well into the 60’s, keeping the fish down in the thermocline looking for water that is 58-59 degrees. That should be anywhere from 30-50 feet.(maybe more)

What does that mean for the opener for the fly angler? Means you need to get them bugs down, and you need some kind of boat, or float tube. You will need to fish Tui-Chub pattens. We vertical jig with our Rio Outbounds, type 6, 330 grains, right from the boat. Retrieve your baitfish files straight up and hold on.

Early season the Cutthroat Trout of Pyramid Lake feed heavily on big schools of Tui-Chubs, the baitfish of the lake. They feed on them year round, but early in the year the bait balls are close to shore making them and the cutthroat targetable to the fly angler. Some beaches have more Tui-Chub than others. If you can find the bait balls you will find the fish.

A lot of folks like to fish the deeper drop of beaches early in the year. A lot of the southern beaches have deep drop offs right from shore, and you should find baitfish too.

It will be crowded on the opener. If you are launching a boat, be prepared to be there a while.

As the water cools the fish will move in closer to the beaches, usually towards the end of October.

I will be at the Reno Fly Shop in Reno taking about early season Pyramid Lake strategies, rigs, gear, tying flies, on Weds the 23rd this month.

If you cannot make it, Doug O and I will be doing a 2 clinic dates on October 31st, and November 14th. These are comprehensive clinics, covering everything you will need to know to successfully fish the lake.