Nevada Fly Fishing Report-10-6-15

Fishing Reports Reno

The opener, and the days that followed were nothing short of epic at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Low pressure was in order, clouds and rain, perfect weather for the,”Mid.”

Lot’s of numbers of fish caught, and lots of big fish caught. I think everyone that was at the lake caught, or was catching fish. Bankers, tubers, boaters, but the folks out in about 30 feet of water were catching most of the fish. Tui-Chub patterns jigged up towards the surface from 30 feet of water is and was the ticket. The bellies of the cutthroat are full of chubs, some coughing them up in the net.

Most all the beaches and bays have fish off of them. High pressure is setting in again this week. I’m not sure what to except, but if you can find the Tui-Chubs, you will find the fish. Surface water temps are still in the high 60’s. Getting yourself in the right water is the key to you success out at Pyramid Lake early in the season. As the water cools the fish will move in closer into fly rod reach from shore.

This is a very good Podcast on Pyramid Lake from the Reno Fly Shop interviewing Mike Sevon, a retired Nevada fisheries biologist. You will learn a lot about the lake.

Remember, Doug O and I have 2 separate clinic dates coming up at Pyramid Lake on October 31, and November 14.