Truckee River Fishing Report-4-4-22

Truckee River Rainbow

This is a good week for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report.

Generally speaking, when the flows are up on the Truckee River, things fire off pretty good. Flows are about mid-700’s here in the Hirsch. Nice good Spring flows. Higher as you go down the river into Nevada. Good clarity.

This is a good time to pull streamers, nymph the edges, and on cloudy days, look for heads popping up. We should see some March Browns here shortly as the weather warms. Nymph with some bigger shit. You don’t need a zebra midge this time of year. Give a Spring brown trout a good meal, and they’ll likely eat it. Upsize your tippet as well.

Spring is when the big trouts get caught. Sure we catch them year long, but it’s a lot easier this time of year to find them. Remember that.

I’m putting on a, tight line nymph clinic April 23rd. I will post more tomorrow. This one will be different than years past.